Dem wants new 'reparations' taxes on cotton, tobacco, gold

 March 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

There have been, in recent years, several agendas that all work toward the same goal: Reparations.

That would be mandatory payments by the government or other institutions, like churches, to atone for the slavery that happened in America generations ago.

The goal is to take money from people who never owned slaves essentially to give large cash awards to those who never were slaves.

Now a Democrat in California is calling for new taxes on gold, cotton, tobacco, and other "slave" goods, to give to African Americans for homes and schools.

It is the Daily Mail that has outlined the proposal from Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, calling for reparations for black Californians.

The state already has had a report from a Reparations Task Force, on which Jones-Sawyer served.

He wants, starting in 2025, for those who buy "gold bullion and gold coins" to pay a special tax at the point of purchase, a tax that also would apply to those to buy "tangible property made in whole or in part from cotton, or tobacco products."

Also those buying, "wine, olives, cane sugar, granulated sugar, rice, and coffee beans."

The rate hasn't been established in the proposal, but all the cash would run into a "Reparations Fund" to give to African Americans.

The reparations plan is part of a long list of about a dozen ideas.

"Reparations campaigners say it's time for America to repay its black residents for the injustices of the historic Transatlantic slave trade, Jim Crow segregation, and inequalities that persist to this day," the report said.

Black lawmakers in Washington already have floated the eye-watering total of "at least $14 trillion" they want.

One complication that has appeared in such discussions is that sometimes it was blacks who owned other blacks during the time of slavery in America.

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