Dem voters give Trump a higher approval rating than Biden

 December 10, 2023

A Democratic pollster says that former President Donald Trump is receiving a higher approval rating from the Democratic Party's base than President Joe Biden. 

The pollster is Stan Greenberg.

Greenberg, who is also a political strategist, said as much on Friday during an appearance on CNN's Outfront. 

This comes after Greenberg recently conducted a poll of thousands of voters who are located in battleground states.

Things are looking "grim" for Biden

The segment began with guest host John King, saying:

Tonight, quote, "This is grim." Those are the words of the veteran Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg . . . Greenberg who teams up with James Carville at the Democracy Corps, found that among voters who usually make out the Democratic base - young voters, Black voters, Hispanic voters, Asian voters, LGBTQ voters - get this, all of them collectively gave Donald Trump a higher approval rating than President Biden.

King went on to ask Greenberg why the situation is so "grim" for Biden. And, the answer appears to be that the polls are showing that Biden does not have the support of his base for 2024.

"But the grim is in the fact that the base is the problem. That you have a - you know, we're behind in this race, in the base, approval of the president is lower than that of Trump, you know, in the base. And, probably the hardest part about that is that if the issues at play, it's not just we're not doing well now and inevitably the structure of that race, you know, will come back," Greenberg said.

He continued, "I think we're dealing with issues of prices, wages not keeping up with inflation. We're talking about crime. We're talking about the border. So, we're dealing with -- you were dealing with issues that are eroding our people on the issues."

Greenberg went on to try to claim that, despite the bad polling, there is "a path forward" for Biden.

More bad polls for Biden

The Wall Street Journal has just released its own poll showing that Biden's approval rating is at an all-time low. According to the Journal, Biden's approval is currently at only 37%.

Real Clear Politics currently has Biden's average approval rating at 39.8%. So, the Journal's finding is a couple of points below the average.

Another big finding from the Journal's poll is that Trump, in a hypothetical 2024 matchup with Biden, is beating Biden by a tally of 47% to 43%.

Perhaps even worse news for Biden is the fact that just about all of the polls seem to be going in the wrong direction for him. He is getting weaker, while Trump is getting stronger.

Suffice is to say that, if the polls are to be believed, then it is looking less and less likely that Biden will be reelected in 2024.

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