Dem Senate candidate voted to free criminal who brutally murdered teen

John Fetterman, the Democrat who is running for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania, would have freed a convicted murderer who was convicted in the death of a teen who was beaten with a baseball bat and then shot – if he had gotten his way.

But he didn’t.

He was outvoted on the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, which he chairs when the vote concerned the freedom of Alexis Rodriguez, who is serving a life sentence as one of five suspects convicted of first-degree murder in the 1989 killing of Sean Daily.

According to Fox News, Daily was a high school junior and the son of a Philadelphia police officer when he was attacked and murdered.

Rodriguez, then 18, and the others were charged with beating Daily with a bat, then shooting him.

It apparently was a gang-related revenge execution.

“The killing sparked racial unrest in Philadelphia at the time because the victim was white while the suspects are majority Hispanic,” the report said.

It was in a vote last winter that Fetterman cast a vote in favor of commuting the murderer’s sentence so that he could go free.

His was the only vote to do that.

Fetterman’s record on crime has come under scrutiny as his race against Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz heats up.

Fetterman’s campaign has defended his actions.

“John’s record on the Board of Pardons has been widely praised by Democrats and Republicans alike. John saved taxpayer money and took a fair-minded approach to every case he considered, voting to deny hundreds of pardon and commutation cases while also siding with law enforcement experts nearly 90% of the time. The commutation, in this case, was supported by both prosecutors and corrections officers at the time,” a spokesman, Joe Calvello, said.

The report said last year, too, “Fetterman cast the lone vote in a failed bid to commute the sentence of John David Brookins, who is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murdering a woman with a pair of scissors.”

And Fetterman was key to the successful early release of Raymond Johnson, imprisoned for life for a 1973 murder in York County.

The Gateway Pundit turned blunt in its report of the situation.

“This took place LAST YEAR. Demonic John Fetterman was the lone vote in a failed bid to release a man convicted of killing a 17-year-old teen.”

It said the gang members apparently mistakenly thought Daily was connected to an earlier fight.

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