Dem House manager Rep. Raskin calls failed impeachment trial a ‘dramatic success’

Although Democratic House impeachment managers arguably performed well in their attempt to evoke emotions while making their case that former President Donald Trump incited a violent mob at the Capitol building last month, they clearly failed at the ultimate goal of securing a conviction against him in the Senate.

Nevertheless, one of those managers, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), announced in the wake of Trump’s acquittal that he believed the trial was a “dramatic success” for his side.

“Largest impeachment conviction vote in U.S. history”

As the Daily Wire reported, Raskin’s assessment came during an interview on Sunday’s installment of Meet the Press on NBC.

During the on-air appearance, he described the supposedly successful prosecution while glossing over the fact that he and the other House managers spent a lot of time and money only to fall 10 votes short of a conviction.

Attempting to justify his position, Raskin called the effort the “largest impeachment conviction vote in U.S. history.”

While that is technically true, the 57 senators — including seven Republicans — who voted to convict nonetheless failed to get the job done.

As predicted, all 50 Senate Democrats backed convicting Trump on a single charge.

“The most bipartisan decision and a complete repudiation”

“We got seven Republicans, and if you look at the 10 Republicans in the House who joined us, it was by far the most bipartisan decision and a complete repudiation of the president’s conduct,” Raskin continued.

On the same day as that interview, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin also spoke to Raskin. In that interview, he opted to focus on trashing the performance by Trump’s defense team.

He called opposing counsel “explosive and deranged,” adding that even if Trump had been able to secure more competent attorneys, the case against the ex-president would have still outmatched even the most sophisticated defense strategy.

Raskin also took a shot at Trump for refusing to testify, calling him “a profile in absolute cowardice” and someone who “betrayed the Constitution, the country, and his people.”

Only time will tell how history records this tumultuous time in American politics, but for now, Trump’s supporters are celebrating the results as Trump: 2, Democrats: 0.

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