Delusional: TN Democrat Congressman says Trump Jr. and Kushner will be indicted

Rep. Steve Cohen is what he claims the President to be… off his rocker.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, the congressman stated he believes both Donald Trump, Jr, and Jared Kushner will be indicted by the Robert Mueller investigation.

Making It Up As He Goes Along

Anyone with a smidgen of common sense can see the congressman is enjoying his time on air and making things up as he goes along.

He made several outlandish statements during the interview, not the least of which was the indictment claim.

To his credit, Blitzer called him out on the claim, asking him if he in fact had evidence that led him to believe that.

Cohen was clearly not anticipating the question and immediately started to stammer his way through the rest of the interview…

Democrat Sensationalism

Cohen is a perfect example of what Democrats have been doing these days when they get a camera or microphone in front of them.

They make these outlandish claims and expect the American people to chew on them like a juicy steak.

Another example of Cohen’s delusional state is when he hinted Trump supporters will carry out attacks against the media at Trump’s behest.

Trump supporters have not just started to distrust the media … that has been going on for decades.

That, in fact, is why Trump gained so much support during this last presidential election.

For years, we have known the media was lying to us and have been calling them out on it.

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However, few if any attacks have been made against the media during that time.

It sounds more like the media itself is trying to whip someone up enough to provoke an attack just to satisfy their own narrative.

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