Defense Department backs up President Trump on Soleimani strike

Democrats continue to push the narrative Trump “assassinated” Iranian general Qassem Soleimani to distract attention away from his impeachment.

U.S. Defense Department officials disagree. Multiple Pentagon leaders have come forward to vindicate Trump’s decision, stating that there was clear evidence of an “imminent” attack against U.S. military forces.

Strong support for Trump

Democrats will try to spin any and all of Trump’s actions in order to discredit him in the public eye. However, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has shattered their dreams.

General Milley stated that without a doubt, intelligence reports pointed to an imminent attack against our forces in the Middle East. He further stated, “we would have been culpably negligent to the American people had we not made the decision we made.”

General Milley also stated he would be more than happy to testify before Congress on the matter at the appropriate time.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper also came forward to support Trump’s actions, stating, “We had a responsibility to act when American lives are threatened and I think that’s a responsible thing to do.”

Esper blasted the Democrat narrative while speaking to reporters:

How do you expect us not to respond after they’ve been killing our people for 20 years? Soleimani alone has the blood of hundreds of Americans. He’s wounded thousands of Americans and coalition partners. … He is a terrorist, a leader of a terrorist organization, he’s been killing and attacking Americans for 20 something years, and the blood is on his hands. He was planning attacks on American forces. This whole narrative that’s being turned around is silly.

The right thing

The narrative Dems keep pushing is that there were going to be repercussions to taking out Soleimani. Well, there also would have been repercussions in allowing this monster to live.

This comes down to risking a conflict now or allowing Soleimani to continuously pick off our forces and citizens in small numbers as he’s been doing for decades.

The administration clearly thought the benefit of killing Soleimani now far outweighed any future conflict, so the order was given. Imagine not taking out Osama bin Laden due to the fear of the repercussions from al Qaeda.

This was a strike to — as Trump stated — prevent a war, not start one. Honestly, it is almost as though Democrats are hoping Iran will hit us with a massive strike just so they can say, “I told you so.”

What they don’t realize, though, is that massive strike could have already taken place had Trump not ordered the strike against Soleimani.

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