Democrat defeated in Texas special election warns 2022 could be a ‘major setback’

Failed special election Democrat candidate Jana Lynne Sanchez came clean about the situation that Democrats face in 2022 after a devastating loss in Texas.

Sanchez warned that the 2022 midterms “could be a major setback” for the Democratic Party, which holds a majority in the House by the thinnest margins. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is no doubt furious about the failures of Democrats in Texas, but her immediate concern is her job security. If Democrats lose the House in 2022, Pelosi will likely be forced out of leadership.

Democrats were beaten so badly in Texas that Sanchez felt it was worth it to warn Democrats publicly that something needs to change quickly.

The special election for the 6th Congressional District was one full of potential for Democrats. The district is located outside Ft. Worth, and with a politically diverse population, Democrats had a real chance of adding to their thin House majority.

Tip of the iceberg

Instead of taking a rare purple seat in Texas, Democrats were completely routed as Republicans received 62% of votes. The second round of the runoff election will be between two Republican candidates.

In a statement conceding the election, Sanchez said, “Unfortunately, tonight we came up short, and two Republicans will be competing to represent this congressional district.”

What should terrify Democrats is that the 6th Congressional District is an area where support for former President Donald Trump collapsed from 2016 to 2020. Now less than half a year later, those same voters are turning on Democrats.

Why would voters who voted Democrat in the presidential election suddenly begin turning on Democrats just months later? National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Tom Emmer explained, “Democrats’ socialist agenda that has opened our borders, destroyed thousands of energy jobs and wants to raise middle-class taxes by trillions of dollars eliminated any chance of them being competitive in this district.”

Socialism destroyed Democrats in Florida, and now the failures of the Biden administration could eliminate Democrats from Texas and push them out of Arizona, which is a tightly contested swing state.

Retake the House

Every indicator points to Republicans retaking the House in the 2022 midterm elections and possibly the Senate as well.

If Republicans sweep the House and take the Senate, it would render President Biden’s last two years in the White House ineffective. Biden will be unable to pass major legislation, nor will he be able to push through nominees for appointed positions.

Sanchez continued in her warning to Democrats on Twitter, saying, “I’m sounding the alarm bell: If Democrats don’t organize and prepare, 2022 could be a major setback to our gains of recent years.” Pelosi may need to do some serious brainstorming because the current Democratic strategy is failing badly.

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