Death threats force conservative writer off social media

A conservative writer and rape survivor is being forced off social media after receiving violent threats for her pro-life beliefs.

Denise McAllister, a writer for PJ Media, the Daily Wire, and The Federalist, announced on Twitter that she is taking a break from the Internet because of rape and death threats.

“Due to threats against my life, my family is asking that I stay off social media until the situation is resolved. I don’t want to, but I need to respect their wishes at this time. I hope to return soon. Keep up the good fight, my friends,” Mcallister tweeted Monday.

Pro-life writer threatened with death, rape

A look through McAllister’s Twitter timeline shows the nightmare scenario taking shape. The threats started to pour in after Mcallister sent off a tweet criticizing abortion and irresponsible sex.

“At the root of [abortion] hysteria is women’s unhinged desire for irresponsible sex. Sex is their god. Abortion is their sacrament,” McAllister tweeted. “It’s abhorrent as women have flung themselves from the heights of being the world’s civilizing force to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity.”

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The tweet prompted an immediate backlash from leftists. A casual glance through McAllister’s Twitter timeline shows the vitriol. “Too bad your mother didn’t have an abortion,” wrote one user.

But the real danger was far worse than mean tweets. McAllister clarified to PJ Media that she is receiving threats from people offline who claim to know where she lives. The conservative writer tweeted Tuesday that she contacted the authorities and that her home was on police watch.

“They are threats outside of Twitter, stating they know where I live,” McAllister said. “Threats of rape and strangling. I spoke to the police. I am on home watch.”

“My children are very frightened,” she added.

Liberals applaud threats

When McAllister announced that she was receiving the threats Sunday, liberals dismissed the danger or else applauded the threats. “People don’t react well to your extremism,” one user responded.

“Threatening death and rape is ‘not reacting well to your extermism [sic].’ What if conservatives said the same? Oh, the weeping and wailing!!!”, McAllister replied.

A self-described “proud atheist” wrote, “Good. Go away. Get some psychiatric help.”

McAllister: liberals fear pro-life women

McAllister explained to PJ Media why she thinks liberals hate pro-life women.

“I think the hatred for pro-life women is that they expect us to act in solidarity. When we don’t, they attack,” McAllister said. “I also think it goes deeper. Women have the legitimacy to criticize other women in a way men don’t. When we speak honestly like I have, they hate it because they know what I’m saying is true.”

“That’s especially true in my own case because I’ve been in the exact position as many women who want abortions,” she added. “I know how I got to that point. The choices I made. I know the fear of an unplanned pregnancy. I also know the irresponsible choices I made to get myself into that situation. I own it.”

Here’s more of the liberal tolerance we’ve heard so much about. Judging from the vicious responses, it looks like McAllister struck a nerve.

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