Death Threats for Opposing Tax Funding of Drag Queens

‘This has to do with men dressing up like caricatures of women’

The Thomas More Society has announced it is coming to the defense of a New York City councilwoman who has been plagued by death threats – and more – simply because she opposes tax funding of drag-queen indoctrination in public grade schools.

The legal team has written online about the problems that have developed for council member Vickie Paladino.

She “courageously” has opposed spending public funds on the “bizarre programming,” which often is imposed through mandatory attendance events on young children.

So she is “being persecuted by the militant Left,” the report said.

“In June 2022, Councilwoman Paladino posted on her personal, campaign-related Twitter account about these taxpayer-funded presentations, denouncing them as ‘unacceptable and grotesque,'” the Thomas More Society said.

“She was immediately besieged by death threats and malicious accusations,” the report said. And Paladino herself explained, “Because of the death threats, I had a police car circling my house every ten minutes for ten days, but I will not back down.”

Society spokesman Christopher Ferrar explained, “The supposedly tolerant Left shows its fanatical intolerance once again. This is what happens when you resist the onslaught of the woke mob. Vickie is understandably appalled by the hateful reaction she has received. She’s focused on protecting the children of her constituents, and the hatred that is being directed at her is a sign that she is right over the target.”

Paladino represents District 19 in Queens, and said, “I am fighting every day for the interests of my constituency and trying to restore sanity to local government. New Yorkers are facing street violence every single day. There is a food shortage, a housing crisis, and a big mental health crisis to deal with. Homeless individuals, veterans, senior citizens, and our youth are all struggling, and yet we are spending taxpayer dollars on ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ in order to encourage gender confusion and expose little children to men who get a thrill out of dressing up like women and imposing themselves on captive audiences who should never be exposed to such behavior—especially not without parental consent.”

She also pointed out how the “sexist caricature of womanhood” portrayed in those events is offensive and degrading to women.

The Thomas More Society reported her critics have demanded the council discipline her, claiming her remarks have been anti-LGBT, but she said that’s not a relevant point.

“This has to do with men dressing up like caricatures of women and being sent into classrooms full of impressionable children to confuse them about sexuality and introduce them to things that would never otherwise enter their minds, things that have nothing to do with a sound education—all without parental consent,” she said.

Ferrara said if the dispute should become a focal point for the council, he and his co-counsel will defend her First Amendment rights.

“She has every right to represent the views of her constituency concerning what they regard as a completely ridiculous and offensive misuse of taxpayer dollars,” he said.

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