Howard Dean says Dems aren’t negotiating because Trump is ‘mentally incapacitated’

Of all people, Howard Dean is questioning the sanity of our president.

Dean recently stated he believes the Democrats aren’t negotiating with Trump because he is “mentally incapacitated.” 

“I actually think the president is mentally incapacitated and I have thought so for quite some time,” Dean said Sunday on MSNBC.

The Scream

Dean is a former chair of the DNC — but that’s not his main claim to fame.

What everyone remembers him for is his insane scream after a primary win in 2004.

The video of it actually went viral…

Doubting the President

Dean has bought into the narrative that the president is constantly lying to the American people.

“He says things that he knows aren’t true and that somehow he thinks people are going to believe, and they just don’t,” Dean stated.

That, according to Dean, is why Democrats will not sit down at the table with Trump to bargain over immigration.

Dean stated, “You can’t really make a bargain with somebody who is irrational, because they won’t keep it.”

What Dean failed to mention is the fact Democrats have no intention of actually sitting down to bargain in good faith.

They have been adamant there will never be any funding released for the wall.

Democrats know this was a major platform issue for Trump when he ran for president.

That being the case, they are going to do everything in their power to prevent him from fulfilling that promise — solely to sabotage him.

While they have approved $1.6 billion towards immigration, they did so with the stipulation the money cannot be used for building the wall.

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Dean’s comments are nothing more than Democrat posturing and deflection.

They are the ones that could not be trusted even if they were willing to come to the bargaining table.

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