American found dead in New Zealand showed no signs of injuries

A promising U.S. athlete’s mysterious death has stunned the world.

Lauren Biddle, a U.S. polo player, was found dead in a spa pool in New Zealand in late October.

Found Unresponsive

According to reports, Biddle was traveling with friends who were at the home of Joe McGirr for some vacation time.

The group apparently spent the night drinking heavily as well as some reports of drug usage.

The reports, however, did not say just how much drugs or alcohol Biddle had imbibed.

It was roughly 1 a.m. on the morning when she was found unresponsive in the pool.

One of her friends immediately performed CPR until the rescue staff arrived.

Father’s Questions

Her father, Tommy Biddle, obviously has a lot of questions about what happened to his daughter.

Mr. Biddle stated, “There’s so many questions and really I think there’s going to be questions for a long time.”

During a recent interview, Mr. Biddle stated he had never heard of Joe McGirr until after his daughter’s death.

After speaking to several of his daughter’s friends, it sounded as though drugs were definitely not something his daughter would partake in.

It took about two weeks for Lauren’s body to make it home.

When it finally arrived, the family held a memorial service for her, treating those that came to pay their respects to some of Lauren’s favorites.

Attendees described it as a celebration of her life rather than a somber memorial.

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Mr. McGirr, the owner of the home, has apparently found himself in some legal problems after the incident.

He has since deleted his Facebook page as well as securing the services of three attorneys to represent him in the case.

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