Senior Bill de Blasio aide arrested for illegal firearm possession

It is always amusing when one of the loudest voices in the Democrat party gets caught doing something they are always adamantly fighting against.

Reagan Stevens, the Deputy Director for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, was arrested for illegals weapons possession.

Anti-Gun Zealot

Having someone on your administration arrested is bad enough.

But, when you are an anti-gun zealot, one would think it would be part of the handbook to make sure your employees are not carrying illegal weapons.

Not only was Stevens carrying a weapon illegally, she was also in the car with two men that were carrying knives.

Officers were called to the area after several shots were fired.

According to reports, Stevens is not believed to have fired the shots in question.

Some Time Off

The New York Post reported Stevens is going to get an unexpected vacation for her little run in with the law.

Oddly enough, Stevens’ job in the administration is to work with children to keep them out of jail.

Driving around with two young men with weapons sure is a funny way of trying to keep people from getting incarcerated.

Scandalous Administration

This is nothing new for de Blasio’s administration, though.

Since taking office, his administration has been in the news more often than not for some type of scandal.

Running on a platform of being the man to represent the poor and unheard, de Blasio has done them far more harm than good since taking over as New York City’s mayor.

Much like Chicago, the city has gone completely downward over the last four years.

Crime rates are up, the city is disgustingly filthy, and homeless people are just about everywhere you look.

He has sunk so low, in fact, that he recently had his police department round up the homeless on the subway.

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The mayor wanted to make sure they didn’t mess up a photo op when he traveled on the subway from his gym to his election HQ.

That sure is an interesting way to champion for the poor Mr. Mayor.

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