DCCC chair Maloney faces calls for resignation, accused of racism, after suggesting he would run against fellow Dem in different redrawn NY district

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), as head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is tasked with helping all Democratic members of the House get re-elected in order to protect the party’s slim majority in that chamber of Congress.

But now some progressive Democrats and their media allies are calling out Maloney and even demanding he resign after the relatively moderate establishment congressman suggested he would run for re-election against a progressive colleague in a different New York district, Breitbart reported.

Top establishment Dem could primary rising young progressive star

In response to a leak of New York court-ordered redrawn congressional district maps on Monday, Maloney immediately suggested he would abandon his likely more competitive new 18th District to instead run in the safer new 17th District that is currently occupied by freshman progressive “Squad” member Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY).

“While the process to draw these maps without the legislature is against the will of voters, if the newly-announced maps are finalized, I will run in New York’s 17th Congressional District. NY-17 includes my home and many of the Hudson Valley communities I currently represent,” Maloney tweeted just hours after the proposed new maps were revealed.

According to a Politico reporter, though, Maloney had not informed Jones ahead of time of the move, as Jones told the reporter, “Sean Patrick Maloney did not even give me a heads up before he went on Twitter to make that announcement. And I think that tells you everything you need know about Sean Patrick Maloney.”

Call for resignation, accusation of racism

Politico reported that progressive “Squad” leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested Maloney should resign his position as chair of the DCCC due to his “hypocritical” and self-serving actions that “absolutely further imperils our majority.”

“Given the resources that he has at his helm, it creates a conflict of interest,” the congresswoman said. “If he’s going to enter in a primary and challenge another Democratic member, then he should step aside from his responsibilities at the DCCC.”

The outlet noted that if Maloney insists on running in the 17th District, that would force Jones to either run against the powerful establishment leader or move to another district already occupied by a fellow incumbent Democrat, such as the neighboring 18th District that is currently represented by fellow freshman progressive “Squad” ally Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY).

Bowman on Thursday issued a release denouncing Maloney’s potential move and said to a New York Times that Maloney is “the chair of the DCCC. It’s his responsibility to make sure Democrats stay in the majority. To not run in 18th is to directly impact our ability to maintain the majority,” and added, “You’ve got one job to do and you’re literally not doing that job.”

Another New York Democrat, Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY), went further in his critique and even asserted that racism could be a motivating factor for Maloney. Torres wrote in a tweet, “The thinly veiled racism here is profoundly disappointing. A black man is ideologically ill suited to represent a Westchester County District that he represents presently and won decisively in 2020? Outrageous.”

“Most egregious political malpractice” ever seen

Mediaite reported that perhaps the harshest criticism of Maloney came from MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who said on his Thursday program, “We have seen action from one member of Congress that I have to say is among the most egregious political malpractice I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Rather than putting his money where his mouth is and running in the slightly harder district, Sean Patrick Maloney is abandoning it,” Hayes added. “Maybe Sean Patrick Maloney will be embarrassed by the fact he looks like he doesn’t have the courage of his own convictions. He could decide to remain in the 18th district, and hold the seat for the Democrats.”

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