Pennsylvania daycare center fire leaves 5 children dead

The death of any child is tragic, but under these circumstances, it is even more so the case.

After a fire broke out in an Erie, Pennsylvania daycare center, Fox News reported that five children were killed, and one adult was injured.

Home Below Standards

The Harris Family Day Care center’s goal was to provide overnight care for the children of parents working the third shift.

Unfortunately, the daycare center was reportedly far below standards. The facility was a converted home which ran daycare operations 24 hours a day. The center was run by Elaine Harris for the last 18 years.

The daycare center was licensed to have as many as six children inside at a time, but there were a reported 15 people in the home at the time of the fire.

Additionally, there were reportedly no working smoke detectors in the home other than the one located in the attic.

Beyond Comprehension

The ages of the children that lost their lives ranged from eight months to eight years old.

Tragically, three of the children lost in the fire were the children of a volunteer fireman who had been battling a fire in a different area of town. An NBC News report stated that the firefighter actually did not know his children had been put in the daycare center overnight.

One of the other children who died in the fire was a sibling of those three children, although that child had a different biological father.

While it was unclear at first, the woman who was injured in the fire now appears to have been the owner of the facility.

Chief of the Lawrence Park Volunteer Fire Department, Joe Crotty, stated that the loss of these children was “beyond comprehension” and “unthinkable.”

Our prayers and sympathies go out to the families, but especially to firefighter Luther Jones, whose entire family was wiped out by this horrific tragedy.

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