Daughter of lifelong Democrat city elections chief charged with fraud in criminal indictment

One of the most liberal cities in the country was just handed a major blow.

On Thursday, Philadelphia’s Renee Tartaglione, a Democrat and the daughter of a former city elections chief, was sentenced to six years and 10 months in federal prison for fraud.

The Crime

Tartaglione knew how to work the system.

And she did — to the tune of some $2 million.

The shamed Democrat took the money from a publicly funded mental health and substance abuse clinic.

She ran the facility with her husband, who is a Democrat ward leader.

To make matters worse, Tartaglione’s family has deep roots in Philadelphia’s political scene, with her mother being a former elections chief.

Judge Joel Slomsky scolded her while dishing out the nearly seven-year sentence.

“It happens too often that people who learn how the system operates, and realize the dollars involved in government, abuse the process and feel like they have some right,” Slomsky said.

In all, Tartaglione was found guilty on 53 counts of conspiracy, theft, fraud, and tax evasion.

Rather than truly being a nonprofit organization, her Juniata Community Mental Health Clinic was a cash cow for both she and her husband, Carlos Matos.

The couple was using the money to renovate their home in north Philadelphia, as well as their Jersey Shore home.

This is money that should have gone to help people trying to recover from opioid addictions in one of the poorest sections of the city.

City Gone Bad

Save for one run by Republicans, Philadelphia has always been run by Democrats, but it used to be a respectable city.

It had a history of hard-nosed mayors that did not allow the nonsense we see happening today.

The likes of Frank Rizzo and Ed Rendell would have never allowed that city to turn into a sanctuary city.

Nor would they have allowed the corruption to seep deep into the walls of City Hall.

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That all started with John F. Street, and continues today.

A Republican has not served as mayor in Philadelphia for more than six decades, but it is high time changes are made, or this corruption will continue.

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