New data shows Trump won unprecedented support from Hispanic swing voters in 2020

Former President Donald Trump was often labeled a “xenophobe” by both his political enemies and many in the mainstream media. They would also often describe him as a “racist” and stake false claims that he only had support from white, blue-collar America.

While many of us understand that those accusations are blatantly false, according to Breitbart, a new study published this week only bolstered that stance, reavealing that Trump not only secured the confidence of an unprecedented number of Hispanic voters in the 2020 election, but many of those voters were considered first-time, swing voters, which is one of the toughest voting blocs to secure. 

Learning from Trump

Naturally, given that there are a number of Republicans and Democrats running for various levels of public office in areas of the country where more Hispanic voters reside, learning how Trump was able to win such a large chunk of those ballots is priceless data.

The analysis, which was performed by Equis Research, was eye-opening, as it revealed that first-time, Hispanic voters without partisan leanings gravitated toward Trump in numbers that were generally far from expected. At least part of that trend is thought to be based on Trump’s message concerning the re-opening of the American economy at the time, versus then-candidate Joe Biden’s doom and gloom outlook.

“Biden was acting like he wanted to do a complete shutdown. Trump wanted to reopen the states, return to normal,” one of the voters involved in the study told Equis Research.

Trump’s populist message appeared to have paid off in a number of areas where Democrats typically have reliable success, as the former president peeled off massive chunks of the Hispanic vote in areas like Miami, Florida, Paterson, New Jersey, and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

In layman’s terms, it appears as if Hispanic voters in America were very much ready to get back to work and keep their families fed and sheltered, while Democrats seemed to want to continue harsh lockdowns and restrictions indefinitely.

Pro law enforcement works

At the time leading up to the 2020 election, the “defund the police” movement was all the rage. However, Hispanic voters didn’t seem to agree with the Democrats’ push for such ridiculous measures.

In an earlier Breitbart report from just before the 2020 election, data indicated that out of 100 majority-Hispanic communities in America, Trump managed to increase gains in support in 78 of those counties — gains that were a marked improvement from 2016. Those gains came at the same time Trump repeatedly delivered a pro-cop, pro-working-class, anti-globalization message, which seemed to resonate.

Trump ultimately lost the 2020 election to Biden, but the amount of Hispanic support he garnered — support that almost always went in favor of Democrats before Trump — presumably gave Democrats a scare in the sense that they realized that the Hispanic vote, especially from first-time voters, was far from a lock.

Data from earlier studies also revealed that Hispanic voters did not embrace the Black Lives Matter message that was heavily touted by Democrats, nor did they care for the emergence of the “woke” culture.

Only time will tell if Republican candidates manage to take pages out of Trump’s playbook for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, but if they do, Democrats have an entirely new set of challenges in front of them.

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