Iowa State Justice Daryl Hecht to resign

Cancer is once again cutting a career short.

Justice Daryl Hecht, 66, who serves on the Iowa Supreme Court, has announced he will be resigning in December due to complications with melanoma.

Missing Time

Hecht is currently undergoing treatment for melanoma.

The side effects of the treatment have caused him to miss time from the bench recently.

Realizing he needs to devote all of his time and energy to fight the disease, he announced that, effective December 13, he will no longer be sitting on the state’s Supreme Court.

A statement from his office read:

“After discussions with his family, Justice Hecht determined it was essential for him to commit all of his energy to battling the disease.”

All things considered, it was the right thing to do for Hecht.

During the recent term, he has missed almost 20 percent of the cases submitted to the Iowa Supreme Court.


Hecht was held in high regard, so it was no surprise to see an outpouring of support after he made his decision.

“I respect and support his choice to focus on health amid this battle with cancer,” Governor Kim Reynolds stated.

Conservative Swing

For conservatives, who obviously empathize with Hecht’s dilemma, it also happens to mean a probable conservative appointment to the bench.

Hecht has been in favor of some rather liberal rulings during his time on the bench, most recently a defeat of a 72-hour waiting period for abortions.

Reynolds will now get to name his replacement, her second pick for the state’s Supreme Court.

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While she will have the final approval, the actual judges put up for nomination come from a statewide nominating commission.

The commission uses a merit-based selection process to present candidates to the Governor.

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