Dark scheme for global pandemic takeover has infectious problem

 May 28, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A scheme by the World Health Organization to take over healthcare decision-making worldwide should another pandemic develop appears to be faltering.

An Associated Press report explained, "A global treaty to fight pandemics like COVID is going to have to wait: After more than two years of negotiations, rich and poor countries have failed to come up with a plan for how the world might respond to the next pandemic."

It was the WHO that wanted to have favorable action on its plans to usurp the ability of governments to determine a health policy for their populations at its meetings going on this week.

The report confirmed that the "global treaty" now is "going to have to wait" because participating nations refused to agree on a plan.

On Friday, Roland Driece, co-chair of WHO’s negotiating board for the agreement, acknowledged that countries were unable to come up with a draft.

He said, "We are not where we hoped we would be when we started this process," and he confirmed the organization still is pursuing those plans.

report from BasedUnderground explained the apparent failure is good news because the idea, openly supported by Joe Biden and his administration, "would have transferred a tremendous amount of authority to the World Health Organization."

Huge blocks of Republicans, from members of the Senate to governors to health experts, have opposed Biden's efforts to submit the United States to outside rule on this issue.

But that report warned if another pandemic appears, there will be another push to hand over the World Organization all of the authority for health care decisions.

That report revealed, "Since the treaty is dead for now, this means that the WHO will not be running the show when the next global pandemic arrives. And we should be very thankful for that."

The treaty would have addressed the mandatory distribution of any vaccines to address another pandemic, even to the point of taking needed treatments away from those countries that developed them.

The report noted there already are reports of outbreaks of dengue fever, malaria, and bird flu that could escalate.

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