Darien Gap: Highway to global catastrophe being built

 March 14, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

As if the full-scale invasion of America across her southern border wasn’t serious enough already, more routes are now being opened between Colombia and Panama that will enable even more illegal aliens to make their way to the U.S. through the dangerous Darien Gap, a veteran war correspondent tells WND.

A few months ago, former Army Green Beret Michael Yon, a war correspondent and expert on "weaponized migration," began to report on the "secretive construction" of bridges and a new road deep inside the dense 66-mile jungle region called the Darien Gap. A clear path between Panama and Colombia has "long been envisioned," he told WND, even though for decades the dangerous Darien Gap jungle region between two disconnected highways has served as a buffer against hoof and mouth disease, screw worms – and human invasion to the north.

Just a few years ago, a few hundred migrants made the dangerous trek across the gap on a daily basis. Today, Yon asserted, the United Nations, which is heavily funded by American taxpayers as well as surrogate organizations such as the controversial Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, is in great part responsible for "an invasion" into the United States.

HIAS is of specific interest due to the fact that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was previously a HIAS board member.

"Coincidence?" You asked. "I think not. … Our government is captured by various oligarchs in a multi-player game, including the Chinese Communist Party and World Economic Forum."

Spreading like wildfire
What began as 200-300 people crossing the Darien Gap has now become closer to 3,000 per day, Yon continued.

When Joe Biden became president and people like Mayorkas were installed, Yon said, he immediately boarded a flight to El Paso, Texas. "It was a no-brainer," he said, explaining that, "I knew people were going to start flooding across the border."

"It was like the opening gunshot for a race," Yon told WND, noting it wasn't long before he began visiting the Darien Gap personally. "It was an ant trail at the time," he said, "but now it’s a main line of attack."

Referring to "the push and pull of migration" as "human osmotic pressure," or HOP, Yon explained, "Opening up the Darien Gap reduces friction to the HOP, smoothing the pipeline for a gargantuan number of invaders to make their way to the United States."

"Words are atomic structures of truth and lies," said Yon, using a metaphor to make his point. Noting that just as "water consists of hydrogen and oxygen in specific ratio and arrangement … [and] we cannot make water from lithium and sodium, [so] we cannot write a single truthful sentence about the invasion by calling it migration."

He added some nuance: "Some components of the invasion are weaponized migration, [while] other components are hardcore invasion." Concludes Yon, "This is war. You are at war."

In 2023, federal agents encountered approximately 2.5 million "invaders" at the southern border. According to House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, R.-Tenn., "The number of individuals apprehended illegally crossing the Southwest border and found to be on the terrorist watchlist has increased 2,500 percent from Fiscal Years 2017-2020 to Fiscal Year 2023."

In addition, some of the Chinese asylum seekers have "known ties" to the People’s Liberation Army and are, perhaps, even members of elite special forces.

Global catastrophe looms
Mass invasion and weaponized migration through Latin America make up only part of a "paradigm," Yon noted. For years, he said, he has accurately predicted events such as the Nord Stream sabotage, the closure of Groningen gas fields in the Netherlands, and more. "All these global events are about controlling routes and resources," he told WND. "Global depopulation, replacement of populations, and destruction of all sovereign countries to run the entire planet as a giant plantation."

Combined with economic collapse, pandemics, and war, "a tipping point approaches, and famine will spread," Yon said. "If I were trying to create a global famine, trying to de-industrialize Europe, trying to literally wipe out the West and Japan," he said, "I would do all these things."

Once people are starving, Yon warned, they’ll begin to steal from farmers. "Soon, they’ll go directly to the warehouses, the trains, and the ships until the food stops flowing," he explained. "Kings and governments seldom survive famine."

"The United States is flying below the peaks and the global crash will be massive," he said. What will happen if the current status quo isn’t reversed, and soon? "At this rate, America and Europe will be wiped out, [and] we’ll become a faded memory."

"Pandemic, famine, and war always go together," added Yon. Likening today’s events to the spread of a wildfire, he concluded: "Remember, all these conditions are being created and no one is cleaning up the underbrush."

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