Stormy Daniels says she will testify before Congress if called

Stormy Daniels and her attorney Michael Avenatti have been out of the headlines for a few weeks, so they decided to stir the pot over the weekend.

Daniels offered her “services,” so to speak, to Congress, stating that she is more than willing to testify against President Donald Trump if need be.

Porn Star Advice

How anyone thinks this woman has an ounce of credibility is rather astonishing.

The Mirror, a British gossip rag, however, apparently thought her two cents were worth hearing.

While being interviewed by the publication, Daniels stated she would be happy to “testify under oath and prove my story is true.”

Daniels also said President Trump should be “arrested” if he broke the law.

The Truth

Daniels is doing all of this because she says she wants the truth about Trump to come out.

She also said she wants to be able to “look [her] daughter in the eye.”

If she wants to be able to look her daughter in the eye, she better hide her from cable TV and the “X” rated section of their local video store — but I digress.

The fact is Daniels more or less tried to blackmail then-candidate Trump.

Daniels willingly signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Trump’s then-attorney Michael Cohen.

Whether Trump knew about the initial NDA remains unclear.

What is not unclear, however, is that Daniels accepted a payment of $130,000 to keep her affair allegations under wraps.

Stormy broke the agreement so she could cash in on the alleged affair rumors and get a bigger payday — and it worked.

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She has parlayed the alleged affair into excessive appearance fees and TV gigs.

All told, Daniels has put more than $1 million into her pocket in fees — all due to her breaking her NDA.

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