Stormy Daniels says she wants to depose President Trump and Rudy Giuliani

Stormy Daniels wants to put the President in the hot seat.

Daniels is petitioning the judge that put a 90-day stay on her case to lift the stay so she can have her lawyer depose both Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

New Facts

Daniels appears to be reaching for straws on this one.

The initial 90-day stay was put in place by Judge Otero since Michael Cohen has pending federal problems.

According to her attorney, Michael Avenatti, there are “new” revelations that have surfaced in their case against Trump.

That being said, they no longer need his testimony, at least not right away, and want to proceed with their case.

Avenatti pointed to a recent Fox & Friends interview Trump had, claiming the President shot himself in the foot with comments he made.

He also pointed to several comments made by Giuliani, saying that he would now like to depose him as well.

Avenatti’s overall point was that with the amount of people they have to depose for this case, the judge should lift the stay.

By doing that, Daniels’ legal team could start to depose everyone else and get the ball rolling.

Then, when Cohen settles his federal legal problems, they can depose him as well if needed.

Cohen’s Problems

Michael Cohen is being investigated for ties to possible campaign violations.

These charges are based on the Daniels payment.

According to numerous reports, the feds want to know if that payment made to Daniels on Trump’s behalf by Cohen used campaign funds.

Trump and Giuliani have both stated the money used was NOT campaign funds.

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With that declaration, Cohen believes the Daniels case separates itself from Cohen’s federal case and his taking the 5th bears no relevance to Daniels’ lawsuit.

Daniels and Avenatti will have their day in court to pitch their new angle on June 21 in Los Angeles.

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