Charlie Daniels tells non-patriots to take a hike

Country star Charlie Daniels loves this country and has never been afraid to tell anyone listening so.

After President Trump’s Independence Day celebration set off some of Charlie’s fellow entertainers and musicians, Daniels invited them all to leave the country if they don’t like what is happening here…

The Bogus Narrative

The misinformation from the left about the event has been going out for several days. There were some reports the event was costing almost $80 million, but they were actually cost estimates from another event.

Some stars, like Jane Fonda, stated that tanks would be rolling down the streets of DC, but that was not the case either. Only two tanks were brought in for the event and they arrived on flatbed trailers.

Had Jane Fonda and Bette Midler waited for the actual event to happen instead of criticizing the President beforehand, they would have seen it was a true celebration of our country.

It was also meant to celebrate the role our military played in helping us gain our freedom from the British Crown.

Just Leave

All of those Hollywood entertainers and musicians continue to rail against this country. The fact of the matter is there is nothing keeping them here.

If they don’t like it, as Daniels stated, they are more than welcome to leave at any time. Remember when Whoopi Goldberg threatened to leave the country if Trump won? Last time I checked, she was still residing in NYC and making money here in the states as a host on “The View.”

Today’s stars have been emboldened by the liberal horde to believe their opinion actually counts more than any others, but it doesn’t.

All they do with their incessant ranting is prove they are nothing more than petulant children who get paid to play pretend.

Actor John Cusack recently stated, “This is no joke anymore.” He had the sentiment right but his facts wrong.

What is not a joke is the anti-American and anti-Trump rhetoric that continues to spew from the mouths of these overpaid entertainers who think they have a right to act as our conscience.

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