Stormy Daniels sues her own attorney for collusion

As if she is not getting enough attention already, Stormy Daniels just made yet another move against the Trump camp to keep her name in the headlines.

On Wednesday, Daniels filed a lawsuit against her former attorney, Keith Davidson, for colluding with Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.

The Lawsuit

Liberal media networks blew up on Wednesday as details of the new lawsuit were made public.

Daniels is claiming Keith Davidson, her former attorney, was working with Michael Cohen to prevent her from telling the details of her alleged affair with Trump.

In addition, the suit claims Cohen was trying to get ahead of the rumors.

Cohen allegedly met with Melania to do damage control.

Daniels stated that they were allegedly working to get Daniels to make an appearance denying the rumors of her alleged affair.

Finally, Daniels said that Davidson tipped Cohen off as to her intent to sue Trump over the non-disclosure agreement.

Avenatti claims that after months of making requests, Davidson finally turned the content of these messages over to him.

Avenatti, of course, ran right to the press to get them on air.

CNN was more than happy to air the information, devoting a huge chunk of its prime-time coverage to the story.

Michael Avenatti Under Fire

The moment the information was made public, Avenatti started to come under fire by Davidson.

Daniels’ former attorney released a scathing statement about Avenatti.

Davidson called Avenatti out for his “publicity tour” and actually welcomed the lawsuit.

According to Davidson, by filing the lawsuit, it “constitutes a full and complete waiver of the attorney-client privilege.”

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If that is found to be true, it could end up being a huge blow to Daniels and her case against Trump.

Davidson no doubt has information that could lend some clarity to everything and by his tone, it would appear that it will not portray Daniels in a positive light.

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