Stormy Daniels says she is not paying her lawyer

Yet another interesting turn has been taken in the Stormy Daniels case.

Ms. Daniels openly admitted on Twitter she is NOT paying her attorney Michael Avenatti.

Who is Footing the Bill

Bad jokes aside, the internet started to blow up trying to figure out exactly who is paying for Daniels’ attorney.

One of the more popular names that was thrown around was George Soros.

Someone else was trying to play sleuth, noting the DNC had just taken out a loan close to $2 million.

Eventually, Avenatti chimed in to deflect.

He pointed readers to a Crowd Source page that was accepting open donations to cover Stormy’s legal bills.

But, the question still remains… who is really ponying up the big bucks to pay for Avenatti’s bill?

The Case

Daniels has been swimming uphill in this case virtually from day one.

It all started with Daniels trying to cash in by going against her own non-disclosure agreement.

Seeing other women come forward and alleging affairs with Trump, she wanted to get a big payday.

Since coming forward, Daniels appearance fees have increased rather significantly, going from low five figures to six-figure fees.

While she has been able to cash in on her allegations in the short term, her actual legal case looks like it could be held up for years.

The FBI raid on Trump’s attorney’s hotel room and office led him to inform the judge in the Daniels suit that he would be taking the 5th while the federal case is pending.

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The judge had no choice but to place a 90-day stay on the case.

That stay could end up being significantly longer if the Feds end up indicting Cohen.

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