Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is under investigation by the California Bar Association

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti is finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

Fox News has reported Avenatti has recently had a complaint filed against him for unpaid taxes.

True Slimeball

Avenatti is the type of attorney everyone thinks of when we hear those bad lawyer jokes.

You know the ones… What do you call 100 attorneys at the bottom of a river? A good start!

Avenatti was a no-name attorney until he latched his shingle to the Daniels case.

Now he is using every underhanded technique out there to drag Trump’s name through the mud to defend his money-hungry porn star client.

However, the tide has changed, and it is now Avenatti on the defensive.

The Failed Coffee Shop

The complaint in question was filed by a Washington attorney, David Nold.

According to the complaint, Avenatti was part of a group, Global Baristas, that owed federal taxes of approximately $5 million.

The suit contends the company withheld tax payments from employees checks but never actually paid those taxes to the government.

Avenatti actually had the audacity to call Nold an “unethical hack of a lawyer.”

He also said the suit is “completely baseless” and he owes nothing.

Michael Avenatti is contending the group that “technically” owes the taxes is Global Baristas US LLC, which is owned by Global Baristas LLC.

He stated, “At no point in time was I ever responsible for any taxes for Global Baristas US LLC, nor was I ever a member of that entity, nor did I own any direct interest in that entity.”

Now color me ignorant, but if your entity owns the entity, doesn’t that ultimately make you an owner and financially responsible?

While Avenatti cried foul, the Seattle Times produced a document with Mr. Avenatti admitting he was the “principal” of Global Baristas US LLC.

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While no legal expert, it would sound like this deck is stacked against Avenatti.

And, if that is the case, Daniels may soon find herself in need of an attorney.

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