Stormy Daniels is profiting financially from her alleged affair with Trump

The truth is finally coming out about why Stormy Daniels is telling her tale.

Alec Helmy, a publisher in the adult film industry, stated, “Stormy’s essentially become the most famous porn star of all time.”

He continued, “And with that level of fame comes a windfall of opportunity.”

Make It Rain

Porn stars rarely become household names.

Very few of them are able to make it to the mainstream and enjoy the wealth of “regular” entertainers.

That barrier has been crossed, though, by Stormy Daniels.

By coming forward with the alleged affair, she has been able to benefit from her 15 minutes of fame in a way few porn starts are ever able.

For instance, she recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Saturday Night Live featured her “character” in a skit.

And, of course, there was her appearance on 60 Minutes that virtually blew up the internet.

All of that extra publicity has enabled her to sign a much more lucrative deal in the adult film industry.

She is also starting to make appearances around the country at strip clubs for much higher fees.

Generally, in addition to a fee, these “stars” make significant money generated through photo ops and autograph sessions during their appearance.

Brian Gross, who works for an adult film industry PR firm, stated, “No adult star has had this type of exposure before.”

Selling Out

While Daniels has made those types of appearances before, she has never been THIS booked.

According to her schedule, she already has close to three dozen appearances lined up.

While she would normally get low four figures for an appearance fee, she is now garnering paydays approaching six figures.

She is also being an opportunist in where she is appearing.

For instance, while Trump is hosting a summit at Mar-a-Lago next weekend, a local club has her booked for an appearance.

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Daniels has even “borrowed” Trump’s MAGA theme and is calling her tour the “Make America Horny Again” tour.

It is becoming more and more clear every day… Daniels clearly made these allegations to pump up her bank account, truth be damned.

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