Stormy Daniels claims Trump showed her a picture of his son before they had sexual intercourse

How low can Stormy Daniels go?

Apparently upset she hasn’t been in the headlines recently, Daniels just made the disgusting claim Donald Trump showed her pictures of his son and wife before they allegedly slept together in 2006.

No Stunt Too Low

Stormy Daniels has been out of the headlines for almost a month.

Not only that, her slimy attorney has left her side to take up the case of Julie Swetnick, the most recent accuser of Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh.

Since the media has apparently forgotten about Daniels, she decided to make an outrageous claim to get her name back out there.

Daniels stated: “He showed me a photo of Melania holding Barron, who was only four months old.”

She added: “It was adorable, and I could tell it made him genuinely proud.”

It is truly both sad and despicable Daniels has invoked the name of a child to help push her claim forward.

To What End

Daniels makes it sound as though she was completely disgusted by Trump during the entire alleged affair — but that was hardly the case when this entire debacle started.

Everything has changed now that she has been taken out of the news cycle.

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With all of the attention now on Christine Blasey Ford and the Kavanaugh hearing, Daniels must feel cheated, so she is going to no end to make sure her name gets back out there.


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