Stormy Daniels cashes in, promotes t-shirts mocking Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels is going to no end to make a quick buck off her alleged affair story.

Now, Stormy Daniels has an online store to profit off t-shirts mocking the President.

Money, Money, Money

Never one to say no to a quick buck, Daniels jumped all over the opportunity to cash in with yet another angle over the alleged affair she had with Donald Trump.

According to Stormy, her “friends” helped her put up the “Stormy Store” to sell merchandise.

Much of the merchandise on the site is aimed at mocking Trump or working some type of angle based on her legal suit against the President.

Daniels is also donating a “portion” of all sales to help support anti-bullying organizations.

Mind you, that means that as long as she is donating a penny from every sale, she is living up to her claim.


As part of the hook for her swag, Daniels has created the #TeamStormy hashtag.

She is portraying herself as some type of victim rather than a porn star looking to cash in on an opportunity.

One would have to question the morals and integrity of any person that would willingly purchase this nonsense in support of a porn star’s legal battle.

Con Artist

Sadly, people are actually supporting this woman.

Stormy Daniels even openly admitted she is not the one that is paying the tab on her legal battle with Trump.

A Crowd Source page was created where people can donate to her cause.

Because the donations can be made anonymously, deep-pocketed liberals can back her assault against the President and keep their name out of the headlines.

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Daniels is not even trying to hide the fact she is scamming people out of their money for her own benefit, yet people continue to buy into her nonsense.

It truly is a sad state of our country when Daniels is able to somehow make herself out as a victim.

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