Trump’s attorney just moved to have Stormy Daniels’ case thrown out of court

For Stormy Daniels, the bad news just keeps rolling in.

Earlier this week, Michael Cohen, Trump’s person attorney, filed a motion to have the defamation lawsuit by Daniels thrown out.

The Lawsuit

Daniels is getting more and more desperate to remain in the headlines.

Earlier, she filed a lawsuit claiming that by denying the alleged affair she had with the President, she was defamed by Donald Trump.

Cohen stated her case is “completely without merit and appears to be a desperate attempt by the Plaintiff to keep at least a portion of this case out of arbitration.”

According to earlier reports, Daniels does not want the case to go to arbitration and would prefer it remain in the court system.

Reason being, a ruling in arbitration would end up being sealed.

Even if she won her case at that point, the findings would never be made public.

Dirty Pool

By now, the entire world knows of the underhanded tactics being used to try to take down President Trump.

Earlier in the week, the Justice Department signed off on a raid of Michael Cohen’s office.

While the Mueller Russia probe was reportedly used as the shroud for the raid, this was clearly an attempt to find out what information Cohen had locked up about the Stormy Daniels case.

After the raid, Trump pulled no punches about how he felt about the raid.

During one of his daily press meetings, he stated, “It’s a real disgrace. It’s an attack on what we all stand for.”

He took yet another stab at the FBI and the Justice Department on Tuesday morning via Twitter, calling the attorney-client privilege “dead.”

With the reaction on social media about the raid, it would appear that Trump has his finger on the pulse of Americans, not just conservatives.

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The internet was blowing up with outrage over not only the raid, but the abusive way in which the Mueller investigation was used to crack into Trump’s personal attorney’s files.

Mueller and company clearly feel they can dig into anything and everything without repercussion as this point.

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