Dan Bongino ends his radio show

Dan Bongino, the conservative news media personality, has just announced that he is planning to end his nationally broadcasted radio show, the Washington Examiner reports

This is regarding the radio program that Bongino hosts on weekdays on Cumulus Media’s Westwood One.

The good news for listeners of Bongino’s radio program is that the show will not end until Bongino’s contract expires, and that won’t be for another 18 months. So, there is still some time before Bongino will go off the air.

It ought to be noted that this is separate from Bongino’s podcast, which will continue. Fans, of course, will also be able to continue viewing Bongino on the Fox News Channel.

The announcement

Bongino made the announcement on Friday’s broadcast of the radio show.

There, Bongino said that the decision to end the radio program “really sucks because I spent a lot of time building this and I love it and it’s grown on me.”

Bongino went on to talk about how he got the gig, explaining that the company approached him following the death, in 2021, of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh.

According to Bongino, at first, he said, “No, I don’t want it.” Bongino said that he wasn’t interested in trying to fill the void left by Limbaugh’s passing.

Bongino, however, said on Friday that he “changed his mind” after thinking back to Limbaugh’s final show. Bongino recalled thinking to himself, “You know what? I’ll take it, but for a limited amount of time.”

Bongino doesn’t explain “why?”

The one piece of information that we don’t have is why it is that Bongino has made the decision to end his radio program.

Bongino did make it clear that the decision was not made on financial grounds. But, he left listeners in the dark about the actual reason. And this, of course, invites speculation.

Something that we do know is that Bongino and Cumulus Media have not always seen eye-to-eye. The reader may remember the incident that occurred in 2021 when Bongino temporarily suspended his radio program in protest of Cumulus Media’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

But again, until Bongino provides the explanation, we just don’t know if such disagreements as this one factored into Bongino’s decision to end his radio program at the end of his contract.

Bongino did say on Friday that he is “going to enjoy and savor every minute” of his radio show, between now and the time that it comes to an end.

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