Soros-backed San Francisco DA moves to require use of preferred pronouns in court: Reports

The Washington Examiner reported Saturday that San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who was elected in part thanks to the support — namely, financial — of billionaire George Soros, had moved to require prosecutors and defense attorneys in his jurisdiction to ask witnesses and others who appear in court for their preferred names and pronouns.

George Soros has used his untold billions to put progressives like Boudin in power — and now, it’s becoming clear that progressives’ aims are the ones being prioritized.

According to KTVU FOX 2, Boudin said Wednesday of San Francisco: “We are leaders in modeling respect and modeling dignity and compassion, in all aspects of our society, including in our legal system.”

Quintessential San Francisco

Of course, this isn’t the only area in which San Francisco has embraced the leftist ideology. With that, however, the city — and the state of California — is beset by rising crime and homelessness.

Instead of tackling the real problems, DA Boudin has made his priorities clear — and rising crime and violence aren’t part of them.

According to KTVU, San Francisco Mayor London Breed got the ball rolling on the topic back in 2018.

Then, the local Fox affiliate said, Breed “ordered all city agencies and departments that collect demographic data to update their forms, both paper and electronic, so that they include the option of nonbinary in addition to male and female when asking about gender identity.”

KTVU further reported: “The forms had to also include a line for a person’s preferred name and use gender-neutral labels such as ‘parent/guardian’ instead of ‘father’ and ‘mother.'”

Boudin under fire

But not all hope is lost for those in San Francisco who don’t back progressives’ policies. As SFGate notes, Boudin is facing a recall campaign.

Indeed, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has attracted all the headlines for the recall fight he’s facing, but Boudin’s could be just as important.

Boudin has banned cash bail, released convicted criminals in an effort to get prison overpopulation under control, and done everything he can to earn the title of most progressive DA in America.

The other label that Boudin has earned is “soft on crime” — and that has earned him the ire of his constituents. If San Franciscans and others in this country want to see that change, they must work to uproot the seeds of progressivism that George Soros has planted nationwide.

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