DA Alvin Bragg's paralegal admits some phone records submitted to evidence were deleted

 May 12, 2024

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's "hush money" case against former President Donald Trump seems to have taken several steps back in recent weeks. 

That was evidenced once again during the ongoing trial when one of Bragg's paralegals admitted on the stand that several key phone records had been deleted.

The phone records in question, according to The Epoch Times, were those regarding conversations between Stormy Daniels and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Trump's lawyers pointed out that the records had belonged to a set of evidence that was submitted to the court, but the fact that several records had been deleted was not disclosed to Trump's legal team.

What's happening?

It was Trump attorney Emil Bove who questioned one of Bragg's paralegals, Jaden Jarmel-Schneider, about the missing records, reportedly about three months worth of phone records between Daniels and Cohen and some others involving lawyers.

The paralegal ultimately confessed that several records had been deleted, but refused to acknowledge that the deletion was "significant," as was described by Trump's lawyers.

The outlet noted:

Mr. Jarmel-Schneider confirmed some deletions. He acknowledged that some phone call records from 2018 between Mr. Cohen and Keith Davidson (Ms. Clifford’s lawyer) had been deleted, along with some records of conversations between Ms. Clifford’s manager Gina Rodriguez and then-National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard about Ms. Clifford’s claim that she had an affair with President Trump.

Bragg's prosecutors had submitted the call records into evidence but reportedly failed to tell Trump's lawyers about the missing records, calling into question the integrity of the evidence, as far as Trump's lawyers are concerned.

Many suggested that it would have been extremely dramatic if the situation had been reversed and Trump's lawyers deleted records that were part of evidence submitted to the court.

One of those was the former president's son, Donald Trump Jr., who alluded in an X post that tampering with evidence in New York is a Class E felony.

DJT Jr. reacts

"Insanity! How on earth is this not a felony committed by Bragg and his minions? It sure would be if team Trump did it," Trump Jr. wrote on X.

Late last week, after several weeks of dramatic twists and turns, the prosecution signaled that Trump's "hush money" trial will soon come to an end.

It'll be beyond fascinating to see if Bragg and his prosecutors have done enough to convince a jury that Trump broke the law and is worth of conviction. Only time will tell.

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