D.C. prosecutor admits to Congress that he refused requests from Special Counsel David Weiss to charge Hunter Biden

October 10, 2023
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U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, whose jurisdiction is in Washington D.C., confirmed in testimony to Congress that he had refused a request from Special Counsel David Weiss to charge Hunter Biden.

Graves testimony during a closed-door interview last week with the House Judiciary Committee corroborates testimony from whistleblowers that Hunter Biden was protected from charges by two different prosecutors.

Weiss, whose jurisdiction covered Delaware, was unable to bring specific charges against Hunter Biden as they occurred in D.C. He needed Graves's cooperation and that cooperation was denied, leading to Biden escaping charges.

Democrats have denied for months that Hunter Biden received special treatment, but that narrative has now collapsed with Graves's testimony.

Now the only question left is what Republicans will do to fix the blatant two-tier justice system that has been exposed by this Hunter Biden saga.

Two-tier justice system

Hunter Biden's case has proven that the right political beliefs will land you special treatment as liberal prosecutors will exploit technicalities and loopholes in order to spring you free.

While Graves's was very precise in his testimony, he was ultimately forced to admit the truth of what happened.

Graves stated, "Mr. Weiss said that he had an investigation that he had been conducting. Some of the charges related to that investigation needed to be venued out of the district, and he described the logistical support that he needed."

If Weiss wanted to prosecute Biden, he needed Graves to assemble a grand jury in the Capitol. Graves told the Judiciary Committee that he then met with his staffers on March 19, 2022.

Graves continued in his testimony saying, "So I think what was obviously publicly reported and is known — and I’m trying to be careful, given that there’s an ongoing investigation — is that we ultimately did not join."

Graves's admission to being careful is both telling and ironic. His statement that "we ultimately did not join," was constructed to distract from the fact that he as the sole decision maker chose not to bring charges against the son of the President.

Going forward

The testimony of whistleblowers from federal agencies in combination of testimony from figures like Matthew Graves paint a bleak picture for America.

So what are Republicans going to do about this clearly broken justice system? It seems that there is little desire or motivation by the Republican Party as a whole to address the hijacking of the justice system for political purposes.

While former President Donald Trump has been vocal about this issue, which makes sense considering he's the main target of the left, other Republicans have been negligently quiet. American's ought to pay attention to who's speaking up about this issue and who isn't in the GOP.

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