Three top cyber officials at the FBI are retiring

All of a sudden, there is a mass exodus of leadership within the FBI.

On Thursday, it was reported three top cybersecurity FBI officials are retiring to the private sector.

The Mass Exodus

The three agents departing the FBI are:

David Resch, Executive Assistant Director of Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch.

Scott Smith, Assistant Director Cyber Division.

Carl Ghattas, Executive Assistant Director of National Security Branch.

Of course, government employees retire on a regular basis as they come of age to receive their pensions, but this sudden exit of multiple top-level agents is a bit out of the ordinary.

Upon leaving his position, Resch stated, “As I retire after 28 years of government service to transition into the private sector, I have full confidence that under Director Wray’s steadfast leadership, the Bureau will remain the FBI the American people have depended on for 110 years.”

Just So Happens

One of the more curious aspects of the recent retirements is in the divisions these agents are leaving.

In addition to the three agents mentioned above, there was also a retirement announcement last week from the agent heading the task force to prevent Russians from hacking into our elections.

Collectively, all of these divisions and their respective leadership have come under fire from the public and the Trump administration.

Robert Mueller, in fact, just indicted a slew of Russian intelligence officers for having been able to hack into the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign during the presidential election.

These agents were no doubt feeling the heat and have decided the private sector offers much greener pastures than continuing to flounder and be called out by the Trump administration.

In all honesty, bringing new agents into the upper levels is probably a good thing for the FBI.

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What was once considered THE top law enforcement agency in the world has become a laughing stock in the eyes of many Americans.

This is not a criticism of the line agents, as 99.9 percent of the agents are exceptional, but they can only do so much under flawed leadership.

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