Leftist Hollywood actor John Cusack demands AG Garland resign over failure to indict Trump over Jan. 6 Capitol riot

There has been a number of Republicans who have called for Attorney General Merrick Garland to resign in disgrace for not doing his job, but a growing number of Democrats are now making that same demand, too, albeit for different reasons.

Leftist Hollywood actor John Cusack is one of the latest to do so, as he demanded that Attorney General Garland resigns over his failure thus far to investigate and indict former President Donald Trump over his alleged role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021, Breitbart reported.

Garland must resign

Cusack’s call for Attorney General Garland to resign came in response to tweets from leftist basketball player turned TV analyst Rex Chapman, who expressed his disapproval that former President Trump had yet to be held accountable for his alleged crimes related to the Capitol riot.

“The former president of the United States of America knew there were armed protesters at his rally on January 6th — and he wanted to go with them to the Capitol, in order to stop the certification of an election he lost. And he’s still walking around, playing golf, chillin,” Chapman wrote, and added, “For two years now.”

The leftist actor retweeted what Chapman had posted and simply wrote, “Ag garland must resign.”

Cusack holds Garland responsible to hold Trump accountable

Just prior to that tweet that called for AG Garland to resign, Cusack had placed the onus on Garland to uphold the “rule of law” and guard against “fascism” in response to a separate tweet from another outraged Trump-hating leftist account, Duty to Warn, which is ostensibly an association of mental health professionals opposed to the former president.

That anti-Trump group said in a post, “The question is not whether Trump is ‘above the law.’ It’s will he and his conspirators succeed in destroying the rule of law.”

In response, Cusack retweeted that post and wrote, “The answer lies with merrick garland — the ag must uphold his oath — garland sleepwalking us into fascism — the crimes are ongoing.”

Reasons why Garland shouldn’t bow to leftist demands to indict Trump

According to a recent op-ed from Ramesh Ponnuru, an anti-Trump conservative from National Review and Bloomberg News, however, Attorney General Garland is right to exercise caution and refrain from launching a major investigation or issuing criminal indictments against former President Trump, for three main reasons.

First, it would be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump, in fact, knew his election fraud claims were false or that his rhetoric about the election would spur a riot; second, the statutes at play could easily be flipped by Republicans against Democratic officials in the future based on Democratic precedence; and third, indicting Trump would substantially worsen already deep political divisions and likely spark violence and civil unrest, or worse — none of which would be good for the nation as a whole.

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