‘It’s finally happening’: Fox’s Janice Dean celebrates after report reveals Cuomo’s shortcomings on COVID-19

Fox News’ senior meteorologist Janice Dean has been an outspoken critic of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly when it comes to nursing homes, where both of her husband’s parents had tragically contracted the disease and died in 2020. Now, it seems Dean’s critiques of Cuomo have been wholly vindicated.

According to The Hill, New York’s attorney general has issued an investigative report suggesting that coronavirus-related deaths in nursing homes have been drastically undercounted in the state, and intimating that the deaths were at least in part attributable to Cuomo’s policies.

With regard to undercounting deaths, reportedly by as much as half, New York Attorney General Letitia James’ 76-page report revealed that likely problem was that the state only counted those who actually died on nursing home property, ignoring nursing home residents who died after being transported to a hospital.

As for Gov. Cuomo’s role in the matter, the report was complimentary of many actions he took over the course of the pandemic, but was critical of his March order to place COVID-positive but recovering elderly patients back into nursing homes — a move intended to relieve pressure on hospitals and free up bed capacity, but that almost certainly resulted in more infections among one of the most at-risk groups for complications from the disease.

“The angels won”

After months of focusing intently on the nursing homes issue, Dean, for her part, took to Twitter on Thursday following the release of the damning AG report.

“It’s finally happening,” she wrote. “The angels won.”

Dean also shared a link to a New York Post article that shredded the governor over the report and his apparent culpability in the horrific death toll among nursing home residents in the Empire State.

Crunching the numbers

The Post‘s article noted that, according to the New York Department of Health, at least 8,711 COVID-19 deaths have hit nursing homes across the state.

If, however, the estimation in the attorney general’s report is right, and nursing home deaths were on average 56% higher than reported, then that tally would surge north of 13,000.

Both The Hill and the Post reported that Cuomo’s office had declined to issue any comments on the AG’s findings. But with numbers like these, it won’t be long before the Democrat governor is forced to fess up to his shortcomings.

It’s about time.

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