Columnist: Cuomo’s political career has been ruined by recent scandals

The tide has turned against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Once adored by the media, the Democrat has now found himself at the center of multiple controversies, including over his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic with regard to nursing homes in his state — and the subsequent cover-up of the true death toll from the disease in those facilities — and over allegations of sexual misconduct from at least three women.

In the view of New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor Miranda Devine, the mounting scandals have pretty much “shattered” Cuomo’s future political ambitions.

Devine: Cuomo is ruined

Devine shared her thoughts on Cuomo’s now-dim political future Thursday in response to the governor issuing a half-hearted apology that was filled with more excuses than signs of personal accountability.

Cuomo also signaled that he wouldn’t be resigning from office amid growing bipartisan outcry for him to step aside.

“He’s really on a road to nowhere, but he obviously has told us that he’s going to dig in, and really I can’t see anybody managing to dislodge him before the next election next year,” Devine said of the New York governor on Fox’s America Reports.

“But any hopes of a fourth term are shattered, as are his presidential ambitions,” she added, according to Fox. “If there was any remorse yesterday — he seemed to be a little bit teary-eyed at one point, although it did not seem very genuine — any remorse was for himself and his shattered ambitions.”

No remorse, no apologies

Devine went on to slam Cuomo’s remorseless attitude, noting that there were “no apologies for the families of those 10,000 coronavirus-infected people that he sent into nursing homes, who were COVID-positive and leading to the deaths of so many, 15,000-plus people, elderly people, mostly, in those nursing homes.”

“And he’s always denied that was because of his order, and then he covered-up, and he’s under federal investigation for that,” she added, according to Fox. “His own aide has admitted that they covered up and that they didn’t provide information requested by state legislators because they were hiding it from the feds,” Devine said.

For the New York Post columnist, there’s no way Cuomo can come back from this.

“I don’t see how he can escape from culpability for that,” she told Fox on Thursday. “At the moment, this sexual harassment scandal is causing him more grief, and he is certainly getting a lot more criticism for that. People are coming out of the woodwork now. But, you know, the deaths of all those people last year, you wonder, ‘Where were his critics then?'”

“The designated foil”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Devine has blasted the New York governor. In a column for the New York Post last week, she seemed relieved that Cuomo’s “bullying” behavior is finally being exposed.

“His bullying, catastrophic ineptitude has been obvious to his Democratic colleagues from the start,” Devine charged, asserting that Cuomo was granted a pass for so long “because he was the designated foil for Donald Trump.” And it’s hard to argue with that.

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