Gov. Andrew Cuomo dismisses speculation that he will run for president

For most of the last two weeks, the left-leaning mainstream media has been treating Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat governor of New York, as though he is the president. With his sudden rise to prominence, there have been more than a few whispers that Dems would love him on the 2020 ticket.

Democrat dreams were soon dashed when Cuomo said at a Monday press briefing, “I am not running for president. I was never running for president. I said from day one I wasn’t running for president.”

Rise in popularity

President Donald Trump and Cuomo have both seen a significant rise in popularity because of their decisive action on the rising coronavirus threat.

Cuomo, who was only holding about 44 percent approval from his constituents before the pandemic is now at 87 percent approval among New Yorkers.

With New York being the epicenter of the pandemic here in the United States from the outset, Cuomo has politically benefitted from the lion’s share of the news coverage across all outlets.

With current Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden being such a weak candidate, whispers have been heard for weeks now about Dems trying to figure a way to get Cuomo in the race or at the very least, part of the Biden ticket.

Not running

Cuomo has been peppered with questions about running, with President Trump even egging him on a bit.

Trump stated on Sunday, “I wouldn’t mind running against Andrew [Cuomo]. I’ve known Andrew for a long time. I wouldn’t mind that, but I’ll be honest. I think he’d be a better candidate than Sleepy Joe.”

Cuomo shut down that idea, though, stating, “I am not going to rise to the debate of a political challenge. I am not running for president. I was never running for president. I said from day one I wasn’t running for president.”

Joe Biden has already pledged to select a female vice president for his ticket, so it would paint him in a corner of he was to suddenly select Cuomo as his vice president. Realistically, though, voters have to be looking at Biden’s VP as a presidential candidate in their own right due to Biden’s apparent mental decline.

While he has not been officially diagnosed with any condition, Biden’s numerous gaffes have many speculating there is simply no way he will make it through a full term without having to relinquish the Oval Office to his VP.

There has been no dominant female candidate for the Democrats during this cycle, so Cuomo would surely be a much bigger draw for the ticket. However, Cuomo does not seem to be entertaining the idea at all right now.

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