Cuomo catches temporary break after arraignment is delayed until January

Disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) hasn’t been in the spotlight much since his scandal earlier this year, with the exception of recent news that he now faces a “forcible touching” charge that could spell disaster for the politician.

However, according to the Washington Examiner, Cuomo might have just caught an extremely lucky break, at least for now, as David Soares, Albany’s district attorney, delayed Cuomo’s arraignment. Soares cited the sheriff in charge of the investigation as having potentially botched the evidence-gathering procedure in the case.

Cuomo was scheduled to be arraigned later this month on Nov. 15, but the delay has now pushed the hearing back until Jan. 7, providing Cuomo and his legal defense team ample time to figure out how to squirm out of the charge.

What happened?

In a letter last week to Judge Holly Trexler of Albany’s City Court, Soares complained that Sheriff Craig Apple “inexplicably” filed a complaint with the court without notifying his office, which was apparently enough to toss a wrench into the gears of the case’s progress.

“We were in the middle of [our] investigation when the Sheriff unilaterally and inexplicably filed a complaint in this Court,” Soares wrote in his letter to the judge.

Soares went on to claim the “speedy trial clock” began to tick down after the sheriff filed the complaint.

He added in the letter: “Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of a procedural dismissal of this case, and with the understanding that the defendant is in agreement, the People are asking for an adjournment … to give my office time to continue with our independent and unbiased review of the facts in this case.”

The sheriff explains

Sheriff Apple noted late last month that the charges against the former governor came much sooner than his office had planned.

“We would have liked to have presented everything, sat down with the DA, and explained exactly what we had,” Apple said during an Oct. 29 press conference.

He added: “I would have also, out of courtesy, liked to have reached out to [Cuomo attorney Rita] Glavin and explained what we had and what the next process would be, but again, things change, and it doesn’t always work out as planned.”

Cuomo’s people are apparently accusing the sheriff of purposely rushing the case, which they believe proves that it doesn’t have the teeth they claim it does.

“‘Accidentally’ filing a criminal charge without notification and consent of the prosecuting body doesn’t pass the laugh test, and this reeks of Albany politics and perhaps worse,” one of Cuomo’s spokespersons said.

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