Judge Jeanine slams Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a ‘bully’, ‘liar’ and ‘classic serial predator’

It was recently revealed that, in a bid to conceal the consequences of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) disastrous order sending COVID-19-positive patients into nursing homes, his top aides pressured health officials to change a public report in order to downplay the number of fatalities.

That, in conjunction with the recent allegations of sexual harassment against the governor, led Fox News‘ Judge Jeanine Pirro to lambast Cuomo as a “bully,” “fraud,” and “liar” who needs to be “taken out of Albany” and removed from his position of authority.

Cuomo needs to face criminal charges

Pirro’s tirade against Cuomo came Friday morning during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” during which the governor’s mounting scandals came up for discussion.

In response to the news reports that Cuomo’s aides had deliberately altered a health department report to reduce the claimed number of nursing home deaths related to COVID-19 — from around 10,000 to about just 6,400 — Pirro said it confirmed her labeling of the governor as a “bully” and a “fraud.”

She also asserted that the story proved Cuomo and his aides were all liars, as the timeline of events contradicts recent claims that the numbers were concealed to avoid an investigation by then-President Donald Trump’s Justice Department — a Justice Department that didn’t even begin to look into New York’s COVID-19 numbers until several months later.

“He’s getting ready to write his book — he cannot afford to have that number laid out,” Pirro asserted of Cuomo and his aides’ motivations. She went on to call out those top aides by name and accused them of participating in a “conspiracy” to cover-up the true number of nursing home deaths in efforts to protect their boss.

Putting on her former prosecutor’s hat, she insisted that the “fraudulent” and “conspiratorial” Cuomo needs to face a grand jury, which she believes could reasonably charge him with crimes such as criminally negligent homicide, 2nd-degree manslaughter or reckless homicide, abuse of the elderly, and endangering the welfare of the elderly.

Cuomo a “classic serial predator”

Shifting gears slightly to discuss the allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo from three women, Pirro said Cuomo was a “classic serial predator” who had been “grooming” his victims and predicted that there were likely far more victims of his predations than the three who have publicly come forward thus far.

She further stated that the descriptions of what happened from two of Cuomo’s former staffers were “the essence” of workplace harassment that cannot be tolerated, and called the governor out for his non-apology and denial of any wrongdoing in spite of photographic evidence supporting the third accuser’s claims.

“This guy is an out-of-control sexual, serial predator,” Pirro said. “He’s got to be taken out of Albany and the sooner that happens the better.”

Judge Jeanine is absolutely right. It’s time for Cuomo to go.

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