Cuomo backtracks on nursing home policy blamed for COVID-19 deaths

It was apparent very early on in the coronavirus pandemic that the illness was running rampant through nursing homes, which proved to be veritable feeding grounds for the virus.

On Sunday, after having previously mandated that nursing homes in his state accept COVID-19 patients, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) effectively ended that policy, Fox News reports.

Cuomo backtracks

Gov. Cuomo has regularly been lauded by the mainstream media as the steady hand the country needs during this pandemic.

He has gotten these accolades even though his state has grossly mismanaged resources and issued directives that proved deadly for many.

Among such orders was the governor’s requirement that nursing homes accept patients back from hospitals even if they had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

As time has passed, Gov. Cuomo’s actions are now receiving closer scrutiny, and criticism is deservingly beginning to rain down on him.

As such, Cuomo is starting to backtrack on certain of his coronavirus response policies, his nursing home mandate being one of them.

Not only has Cuomo now ordered that all nursing home workers in New York be to tested for COVID-19 at least twice a week, he has forbidden hospitals from sending positive COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes and similar care facilities, in an effective reversal of his prior edict.

How many needless deaths?

It should have been apparent to everyone very early on that nursing homes were particularly susceptible to being ravaged by this virus, with a rash of cases and deaths occurring in a Washington state nursing facility back in March.

Even so, Gov. Cuomo persisted in forcing hospitals to send COVID-19 patients back to their nursing homes, as long as they were “determined medical stable.”

Roughly 32% of the nation’s coronavirus deaths have taken place in nursing homes, with about 20% of those occurring in New York.

We can only ponder how many fatalities could have been prevented had Gov. Cuomo’s misguided order never been put into place.

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