Cuomo and his attorneys launch attacks on his sexual misconduct accusers

If you thought you saw the last of disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), think again.

Cuomo is back, and, believe it or not, according to The Daily Wirehe and his attorney are now attacking the long list of women, many of them former staffers, who had accused him of sexual misconduct. 

The attacks begin

The attack came in the form of a letter that Rita Glavin, one of Cuomo’s high-powered attorneys, recently sent to Charles Lavine, New York’s Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman. In the letter, Glavin specifically went after Charlotte Bennett, one of Cuomo’s accusers.

Citing an anonymous source, in the letter, Glavin claims that Bennett, as a student at Hamilton College, lied about a meeting with the school’s president. Glavin also claims that Bennett was one of four students whom a federal lawsuit alleges made false accusations against a male student.

Glavin’s letter is a clear attempt to undermine Bennett’s credibility, which led to a scathing response from Bennett’s attorney, Debrah Katz.

“[Glavin’s] exclusive reliance on an unidentified witness whose allegations crumble under even the lightest scrutiny is particularly troubling,” Katz said. “Her client must be desperate to authorize this type of gutter ball.”

Katz continued: “We are confident the committee will see through this transparent effort to smear a highly credible woman whose courage in coming forward led to the governor’s downfall.”

But wait, there’s more

Glavin, in the letter, also went after Letitia James (D), New York’s attorney general who spearheaded the investigation into Cuomo’s accusers that resulted in a bombshell, damning report.

James had released a report revealing that not only Cuomo had sexually harrassed “multiple women,” but added that he actually threatened to retaliate after they leveled their various accusations.

In her letter, Glavin urged the committee not to accept the conclusions of James’ report, which was seemingly the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back leading to Cuomo’s resignation.

Lastly, Glavin urged the committee not to produce its own report on Cuomo’s conduct. Glavin claims that doing so would “trample on the governor’s due process rights.”

It’s a gross move from Cuomo, the former governor of New York. But, it’s sadly not surprising to see him take that route after he spent months speaking out against his accusers while professing his innocence.

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