Cummings’ District Was Given $16 BILLION Last Year…

It looks like President Donald Trump is even more right about Baltimore than was previously thought. It’s engulfed in mass fraud.

According to Epoch Times columnist Brian Cates, the federal government pumped $16¬†BILLION into Rep. Cummings’ district in 2018 – and yet Baltimore still remains in shambles.

Cates expressed his frustration on Twitter, saying:

“The fed. gov’t pumped SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLARS into Cumming’s district in 2018… WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?!”

What that money was spent on is a question that Rep. Elijah Cummings should be forced to answer.

Democrats like Cummings claim they are doing everything in their power to fix Baltimore. But 16 billion dollars doesn’t just get spent overnight. If it HAD been spent effectively, Baltimore would be a shining city by now – which it’s clearly not.

A lot of people think this is absolute proof that con artists are at work at the highest levels of government in Cummings’ district. And this is something Trump has said time and time again.

Just recently, Trump even attacked the Reverend Al Sharpton for being a “fraud” for pretending to help Baltimore. Trump said that Sharpton was really just a self-interested “con man”.

Trump said:

“Al is a con man, a troublemaker, always looking for a score.”

Cummings and Sharpton are the driving forces behind cities like Baltimore. And if Trump is right about them, maybe it makes sense that money is getting into the hands of the common people.

This is just more proof that cities ran by Democrats are total disasters. Leftism doesn’t work. It just leads to honest Americans getting robbed blind.

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