Sen. Cruz blasts Biden admin over policy denying US entry to Cuban refugees

A number of prominent conservatives have spoken out against the Biden administration’s recently announced policy regarding Cubans and Haitians seeking asylum in the U.S.

For his part, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed President Joe Biden for denying entry to Cubans arriving by sea while keeping the nation’s southern border essentially open to undocumented immigrants.

“The time is never right”

“It seems for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the only immigrants on the face of the earth that they don’t want to come to America are Cubans,” he said during a Fox News Channel appearance on Wednesday.

He went on to declare a statement this week by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to be “the only instance in which the Biden administration is expressing a resistance to people coming here illegally.”

Mayorkas issued his warning to would-be asylum-seekers on Tuesday.

“Allow me to be clear: If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States,” he said. “The time is never right to attempt migration by sea. To those who risk their lives doing so, the risk is not worth taking.”

Instead of being allowed to enter the U.S., he asserted that refugees presenting a valid case for asylum would be directed to “third countries for resettlement.”

“They will probably vote Republican”

Meanwhile, Cruz complained that his and other states “have open borders” as a result of “the Biden DHS releasing people, hundreds of thousands of people.”

Cuba has seen intense anti-government protests in recent days, though Mayorkas denied that there is a “surge” of Cubans seeking entry into America. Statistics show, however, that the number of Cubans apprehended at the border is much higher than it was last year.

As Cruz and others on the right have noted, it seems curious that the Biden administration is so adamant about denying Cuban refugees access to the United States. Fox News Channel’s Judge Jeanine Pirro speculated that the policy is politically motivated.

“And this is an outrage to the people of Cuba,” she said. “They know if they come from Cuba they will probably vote Republican, so they’ve got to stop them from coming in.”

Of course, it is unclear whether that is the true motivation — but critics of the Biden administration argue that officials have yet to offer a better explanation.

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