'Cruel' and 'almost sinful': Christians warn of ties between 2 Biden schemes

May 28, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Parents in America are facing an increasingly dangerous threat because the agendas of abortion and transgenderism increasingly are being linked.

In a news release from the James Dobson Family Institute, Gary Bauer explained that those two "great dangers to America's children" are increasingly being legislatively joined.

It is, in fact, Joe Biden who has given the highest priority during his term in the White House to abortion and transgenderism, to the point America's economy is under siege and its status around the globe under pressure as he promotes his leftist ideologies.

The ministry statement said, "In multiple states, including California, Vermont, and Michigan, pro-abortion activists have passed state constitutional amendments that create an unlimited right to 'make and carry out reproductive decisions.'"

It continued, "That innocuous phrase is legally defined as including the right to abortion. These state constitutional amendments also have no restrictions based on age — so under these initiatives, a young girl can get an abortion without any parental input or consent."

As bad as that is, the ministry said, "There is something even worse lurking in these state initiatives. The words, 'reproductive decisions,' will likely be interpreted by liberal judges as including chemical-castration drugs and genital surgeries that are at the core of transgender medical interventions."

That, the statement warned, could be used to block parents from "protecting their children from these life-changing interventions." One legacy media report, in fact, when state limits on those bodies mutilating medical procedures failed, announced that the law would now protect children "from" their parents.

"Unbelievably, President Biden, himself, has condemned laws passed in some states to ensure parental rights are respected on these questions as 'cruel' and 'almost sinful.' Other Biden administration officials have said our children belong to everyone — not just parents," it said.

Those comments include one from Education Secretary Miguel Cardona that claimed parents should "trust" teachers, and one from Biden spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre who said children "belong to all of us."

None of those claims is true, the statement said.

"Our children were created by God and made in His image. He blesses us with our children. As parents, we have the right and obligation to raise them and lead them on a godly path."

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