Critics slam White House tweet touting 16-cent savings on July 4 cookouts

Even as millions of Americans worry about the long-term impact of inflation on the nation’s economy, the Biden administration seemed to parody itself with a tweet on Thursday touting the news that the average July 4 cookout will be $0.16 cheaper than it was last year.

In response, social media critics were quick to dismiss the post as hopelessly out of touch, The Daily Wire reported.

“Ketchup on the news”

“Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working,” the tweet stated, along with some related condiment puns.

Among the numerous tweets that followed were many arguing that saving a few cents on potato chips and hot dog buns would not make a huge difference to Americans struggling to absorb the rising cost of gas, housing, lumber, and other expenses.

For his part, Curtis Houck of Newsbusters labeled the message “divorced from reality” and a bigger mistake than any policy-related tweets posted by former President Donald Trump, according to The Daily Wire.

“Goes up 16 cents every 1.3 seconds”

Entrepreneur Dan Price was similarly unimpressed, tweeting: “16 cents? Home prices are going up 24% annually right now. The median home goes up 16 cents every 1.3 seconds right now.”

In a tweet of its own, the Arizona Libertarian Party noted that a comparison between this year’s Independence Day to last year’s holiday is fundamentally flawed.

“There weren’t many 7/4 cookouts last year and every article I’ve read says the cost of groceries is way up.. but okay,” the party wrote. “Cringey puns ain’t gonna save you, Joe.”

U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) lambasted the Biden administration for “bragging about saving us $0.04 on sliced cheese” amid “an unprecedented humanitarian crisis at our border, soaring gas prices, and more out of control spending that will cripple our future generations.”

No matter how much some media outlets attempt to cover for Biden’s disastrous policies, the American people seem to understand the truth. A recent PBS NewsHour poll found that more than 1 in 4 respondents cited inflation as the most pressing issue impacting the nation’s economy.

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