Critics of government get severely ‘tortured’ in one country

China expert Gordon Chang, a Gatestone Institute distinguished senior fellow and author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” is citing a report from Safeguard Defenders in warning that the repressive Communist regime there is torturing critics in psychiatric hospitals.

The idea is not new, as while it existed, the Soviet Union used “psychopathological methods” to reduce dissent, which during the reign of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, accounted for the removal from the society of “political opponents.”

Chang cited the report, Drugged and Detained: China’s Psychiatrict Prisons,” to charge that it details how “police and government agents are sending Chinese citizens ‘for medically unnecessary involuntary hospitalizations'” in the police-run state.

“The new report updates work by leading researcher Robin Munro, the author of ‘Dangerous Minds: Political Psychiatry in China Today and Its Origins in the Mao Era’ and the groundbreaking 2000 article ‘Judicial Psychiatry in China and Its Political Abuses,'” Chang noted.

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It falls under China’s “ankang – peace and health” system, he said.

There, “detainees are strapped onto beds, pumped full of drugs, receive electric-shock therapy, and are left to lie in their own excrement,” he reported.

Safeguard Defenders wrote, “Some languish for years,” while others are released, then recommitted immediately.

Chang noted, “The Soviets perfected techniques for breaking people in psychiatric facilities, and Mao Zedong’s regime adopted them about a decade after taking power. As Munro reported in 2002, the ‘earliest known examples of political-style psychiatric diagnosis in China date back to the early 1960s.”

Chang explained the Safeguard group reviewed 99 cases over six years, just the “tip of the iceberg,” and it reported that the use of psychiatric facilities stigmatizes government critics so that they are “discredited and isolated from others with this false label of ‘mental illness.'”

Chang noted the idea apparently comes, too, from the Chinese Communist Party’s belief that medical treatment can make people obey.

“Sean Lin, communications director of the Falun Dafa Association in Washington, D.C., tells Gatestone that the Chinese regime from the first days of the prosecution of the Falun Gong religious group was focused on the ‘scientific transformation’ of individuals. Adherents of the faith were framed as mentally ill and subject to improvement,” he reported.

Lin, a former lab director at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, explained in Chang’s report that Chinese medical personnel injected drugs into victims that damaged their nervous system, overdosed them, force-fed them, and applied electroacupuncture.

The results included “emaciation, visceral failure, organ decay, cerebral thrombosis, heart pain, paralysis, insanity, amnesia, blindness, and death,” Chang noted.

Chang said he endorsed the NGO’s insistence that China stops the abuse.

But he said its recommendation that doctors be made to understand the nation’s limits was “breathtakingly naïve.”

“The abuse of psychiatry has continued for seven decades in the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Communist Party has changed the organizational structures and the methods of how it destroys people in psychiatric institutions, but the destruction of life continues,” he explained.

The only solution to the horrors of the CCP?

“To end its rule of China,” he said.

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