'Criminals!' Trump says Democrats Destroyed Jan. 6 Committee Records

August 9, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Democrats fearful of President Donald Trump's influence staged, at the direction of ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a months-long series of committee hearings including excerpts orchestrated for television to try to blame him for everything that happened on Jan. 6, 2021, when there were a few hundred people who rioted at the U.S. Capitol.

The committee, partisan because Pelosi refused to seat two members nominated by the GOP and instead picked two Republicans who exhibited outright hostility to Trump, "investigated" all sorts of details about the day.

Curiously, they ignored the fact of Pelosi's own culpability, since she had refused Trump's offer to have additional National Guard troops on duty that day to make sure the building was adequately protected.

The committee had no prosecutorial power but ended up with a list of suggestions that focused only on Trump.

Now, in a bombshell report on his Truth Social platform, Trump has revealed the committee destroyed public records, documents, and recordings that their agenda produced.

Trump said: "So now that I have full Subpoena Power because of the Freedom of Speech Sham Indictment by Crooked Joe Biden, Deranged Jack Smith, and the DOJ, it has just been reported that the Unselect January 6th Committee of Political Hacks and Thugs has illegally destroyed their Records and Documents. This is unthinkable, and the Fake Political Indictment against me must be immediately withdrawn. The system is Rigged and corrupt, very much like the Presidential Election of 2020. We are a Nation in Decline!"

"The January 6th Unselect Committee got rid of EVERYTHING! Discarded, Deleted, Thrown Out. A Flagrant Violation of the law. They had so much to hide, and now that I have Subpoena Power, they didn’t want to get caught. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing. AN EGREGIOUS CRIMINAL ACT & BLATANT DISREGARD OF THE LAW! Can you imagine if I would have done such a thing???"

There have been numerous comments since the Justice Department, through special counsel Jack Smith, indicted Trump on conspiracy and obstruction charges for his statements that the move was a mistake.

That indictment has opened the door for Trump to demand all sorts of evidence now, the Gateway Pundit noted.

In fact, during a recent interview, Jan Halper-Hayes told the publication Smith's indictment of Trump for the Jan. 6 events was a massive blunder.

"They’ve made a huge mistake with this one, because even though we thought what was going to happen was they were going to go after him for treason or sedition, they did criminally charge him, but they didn’t go to that extreme. As a result, he has due process, so he can subpoena people and bring things in," she explained.

The report explained, "Jack Smith’s latest indictment is a retread J6 committee garbage, free speech violations by the Biden DOJ, who should know better, and ESP-like assumptions and mind-reading nonsense."

The report pointed out House Speaker Kevin McCarthy wrote to Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., chief of the partisan committee, telling him to preserve all those committee records.

McCarthy warned, "It is clear based on recent news reports that even your own members and staff of the Committee have no visibility into the totality of the investigation. Some reports suggest that entire swaths of findings will be left out of the Committee’s final report. You have spent a year and a half and millions of taxpayers’ dollars conducting this investigation. It is imperative that all information collected be and corruptpreserved not just for institutional prerogatives but for transparency to the American people."

Fox News reported Thompson admitted the committee "did not archive" information if it was not used "in hearings or official publications." He said he did not need to take the preservation steps McCarthy cited from the law.

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