Criminal referral made against Clinton ally Andrew McCabe

Liberal heroes that have fought against Trump and allied with Hillary Clinton are starting to fall one by one.

The latest Hillary ally to get bad news is Andrew McCabe, who has been referred to federal prosecutors by the Justice Department Inspector General.

Thrown Under the Bus

Former Director of the FBI James Comey is doing the talk show circuit to promote his new book.

He is making it very apparent very quickly that nobody will stand in his way of making a fast dollar.

While making an appearance on CNN, Comey sold his old buddy McCabe out.

Comey stated, “I like [McCabe] very much as a person, but sometimes even good people do things they shouldn’t do.”

Then, as Trump stated, he threw McCabe “under the bus.”

“I think it is accountability mechanisms working and they should work because it’s not acceptable in the FBI or Justice Department for people to lack candor,” Comey stated.

Legal Problems

McCabe now finds himself in quite the predicament.

His “lack of candor” has him in legal troubles up to his elbows.

The Inspector General found that McCabe lied under oath, which could end up putting him behind bars.

This is actually the reason McCabe was fired only days before locking up his retirement benefits.

Egg on Face

The referral to federal prosecutors is more than just a problem for McCabe.

Dozens of Democrats offered to give McCabe a job so he could lock up his benefits.

In addition, several Republicans disagreed with the decision to have him terminated before his retirement date.

If McCabe is in fact prosecuted and found guilty, all of these people are going to have some explaining to do to voters.

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They all jumped to a conclusion because Trump supported the firing.

Perhaps they should have done their due diligence before openly supporting a criminal and possible traitor to his country.

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