Criminal charges against Alec Baldwin reportedly imminent; New Mexico DA requests funding for trial

Hollywood superstar Alec Baldwin will likely be charged very soon according to an announcement from New Mexico District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies.

Baldwin will likely be “one of the possible defendants” in the shooting of Halyna Hutchins that occurred last year on the set of Baldwin’s upcoming movie, Rust. The shooting shocked the nation but until now it seemed that Baldwin would get off scot-free thanks to his status.

Now it appears that Baldwin may yet face the consequences of his actions.

Baldwin to answer for his actions

Reportedly the First Judicial District Attorney’s office is “looking at all the homicide statutes and any gun statutes under New Mexico criminal code,” as they prepare charges against Baldwin and others involved in Hutchins’s death.

Hutchins, who was the cinematographer for Rust, was shot by Baldwin on set after the prop gun that he had pointed at her went off.

Director Joel Souza was also wounded when the weapon went off. Baldwin claimed that he didn’t pull the trigger but an investigation by the FBI determined that the weapon could only have fired if the trigger was pulled.

Baldwin was apparently practicing drawing the revolver from a holster when the weapon went off.

The weapon was not supposed to have live rounds in it but nonetheless, Baldwin pulled the trigger and Hutchins died.

Other members of the film crew will no doubt be co-defendants alongside Baldwin. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and hopefully, Americans will finally get the truth about this tragic situation.

Long fight ahead

Baldwin’s lawyer, Luke Nikas, responded to the news of Baldwin’s likely charges saying, “During my communications with the DA’s office just a few weeks ago, after the August 30 funding request was submitted, I was told that it would be premature to discuss the case because they had not yet reviewed the file or deliberated about their charging decision. It is irresponsible to report otherwise. The DA’s office must be given the space to review this matter without unfounded speculation and innuendo.”

Baldwin has been lawyered up and preparing for this for the past year and there is no doubt that there is a long fight ahead.

What is important is that the truth comes out and Baldwin’s status as a Hollywood superstar doesn’t stand in the way of justice as many fear it will.

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